"UBUNTU": I am, because you are. A person is a person through other people. Love, truth, peace, happiness, eternal optimism, inner goodness, is the essence of a human being, the divine spark of goodness inherent within each being. The world at large needs a common guiding principle of human values.
~ Zulu Phrase "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu"~



"Glenn is THE man that will absolutely get you to do so much more than you would on your own!"


Boulder, CO

"Glenn’s devotion to helping his clients push past their personal barriers is just one generous gift he offers. He also hands over a true road map that lead them towards their desired goals. From my 30+ years of experience, I know this is what it takes to achieve amazing and lasting results."

Catherine Childs


"It’s been amazing to feel so much stronger and confident! I am learning about the physical and mental resources required to develop strength and stamina to push beyond my self-imposed limitations. I have absolutely gotten back into the groove thanks to Glenn's help."



"Glenn stepping into my life with his teachings and care got me to move away from the gangster, street, MMA-fighter lifestyle. He is a good all around human being. He's good with people and truly cares about his students. His methods are compassionate and effective. Highly recommend!"


mill valley, cA

"As a former NFL football player, I was shocked when I began this journey. After working with Glenn, I am leaner, stronger, healthier, what I need to manage productions for my clients: Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie."



“Never will you have an experience that will not only teach you how to take yourself to the limits and get in the best shape mentally and physically but also teach you how to stay in that zone and be the best you can be! Glenn provided the BEST program I've ever done!”



"Inspiring, commitment, dedication, fierce action...You're such a good man, a man of action, pursuing what you value, and believe in. How you serve people at such a high level, and helping them move forward...There's such a power in you and in the way you've helped me. I had many blocks, but with your skillful guidance, combined with your humor, warmth, persistence and holistic mastery of life, I’ve enjoyed making progress, quick! Because of your encouragement I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. I Would Highly Recommend You! Love you brother!"


Minneapolis, MN

"Glenn has been literally a LIFE-CHANGER for me over the last six months as my life coach. After decades of excuses and false starts, I struggled to believe that I could build healthy and high-performance habits. Glenn's empathy, creativity and good-humored relentlessness grew my confidence to take the daily steps on the path to well-being and inner growth. I'm deeply grateful, and so is my family. Thank you, Glenn!"

JON & Kathleen PEDDIE

tiburon, ca

“If I could have 1/4 of Glenn’s imagination, energy, and strength, I’d be superman, imagine what he is with 100%. Ideas burst out of the man 24/7. He must be some kind of a zombie because I’m almost positive he never sleeps. I do know if I ever wanted a project done, he’d be the first guy I’d call, and then I could lay back, because he’d get it done, on time and under budget. Thank you for all you have done for both of us!”



“With Coach Glenn I saw improvement in all areas of my life. Through his program I found myself in a more connected relationship with my wife. I've gone through some challenging times in my business and was able to remain proactive. I'm stronger than ever,  and I'm beginning to see the value of daily meditation. Glenn creates deep connections and accountability. He has your best interest at heart. Glenn's challenged me to push my limits and achieve results I never thought I could achieve. He's very committed to success and pushes those around him to live up to their full potential. His ability to think out-of-the-box has contributed to his success and I would work side-by-side with him without a doubt!”



"Glenn is a truly outstanding coach. His program blends fitness, personal growth and community building into one integral program to take participants to a higher place, both at the physical and mental levels. Glenn brings together a unique set of skills, personal qualities and tested ideas not easily available elsewhere. 10 out of 10."

Dana Schwartz


“It is rare to work with someone who’s as multi-talented, has such an extraordinary work ethic and positive nature. Work with Glenn and he will contribute profoundly to your success. He helped me return from a back injury and leaving my tech company, and inspired for the next stage of life. He also re-inspired both of my kids…and their grandparents in their 90’s. Without a doubt, he’s the real deal…and a great friend!”

Lori Bogart


“The system jump started me in an extremely positive way. I feel better, and overall, it was just the assist I needed to bring me to a higher level. It was such a surprise to find out just how fast following his system allowed me to take it to the next level.”


Walter cortina

Minneapolis, MN

"This experience is one of the best I've ever had in life! It helped me break out of old habits and  be able to grow. Yes, it is very uncomfortable, but nothing good in life ever comes easy. Every hard step was very much worth it. I feel like a new man. I've never felt more alive. I have energy all day. I'm mentally stronger.-I can go on for days. A very special and unique program!

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Lindsay Kleinsasser

Longmont, CO

“Glenn changed my life. Before I started this system, I felt I would never lose the weight. I’ve lost 60 lbs of fat and gained 10 lbs of lean muscle, and it is amazing to see people’s reactions. I wouldn’t say that I had to make sacrifices, just positive changes that changed my approach to life. I am now motivated and excited to see what the future holds. I couldn’t be happier with my results!”

Patty Marsico

Boulder, CO

“Glenn really gets his students to work hard and achieve the weight loss they desire. If you are willing to do the work, he’s more than capable of helping you get there.”

Melinda Hodges

Florence, S. Carolina

“I learned how to consistently tap into my reservoir of mental strength and focus to push myself past my comfortable levels, and far exceed what I thought I could do. I've gone from a size 14 to a size 6. I feel better than I ever have about myself, and I owe a good amount of that to Glenn for pushing me and letting me see what I am capable of. I learned how to jump rope and took the gold at nationals at age 34."

Sean & Jay Saville


"Glenn has helped tremendously. 38 years of being a roofer has given me more injuries than I can count. He has brought back my strength and balance and relieved my pain. His work extends well beyond the gym and for that I am truly grateful. I so appreciate what you've done for my son as well. Thanks brother!”



"Glenn was the help I needed to finally get over the hump. His workout regiments and nutrition did wonders for me. I was struggling to add lean muscle at over 40, now I am seeing the gains that I wanted. Psyched about learning double-unders."



"I have had the pleasure of knowing Glenn for the past 5 years, he always lifts people up and starts to encourage them from the very first moment he interacts with them. He genuinely cares for the progression of the people that come into his life and will make you leave a better 'you' no matter the circumstances of your life's challenges. Thanks to Glenn I found my voice and I'm following my dream with starting my Ripple wear clothing line. Glenn and TRIBAL LIFE will give you the tools and encouragement you have been needing, so take back your life and live it to the fullest!"

Amy Cramer

Lafayette, CO

“I lost 40 pounds from working with Glenn and I finally fit back into my old jeans! His SYSTEM is a true manual for living.”


ERIE, co

"Glenn is a dedicated professional. His passion for whole-person fitness is only exceeded by his interest in leading others to find what he has personally discovered. Anyone fortunate enough to engage Glenn will find him to be a man of high integrity, powerfully motivating them to achieve more than they thought possible, and thoroughly committed to their success. He's a genuine coach in every way. He is an extraordinary man. After working with him for nearly a year I've seen many examples of his deep passion for helping people find their better selves. Glenn takes a holistic approach to his coaching that effectively integrates physical, mental and emotional components that he has created and refined over 25 years. The programs he offers, combined with his high energy and winsome personality, have earned him a strong reputation as a fitness thought leader and trusted advisor to all who cross his path. I have great respect for Glenn's personal integrity and work ethic. He starts adding value just by being in the room. Any organization fortunate enough to employ him will have made an excellent strategic decision."

Holly Grady

washington, dc

"Glenn's a master coordinator. He  instills a driving, passionate force of determined strength in all he does. He creates that same force in those he mentors. Once you have worked with Glenn in any realm, your life is changed in measurable ways. The ability to reach continuous prosperity with his guidance is seemingly infinite when you're in his presence. That influence carries on into your own autonomous drive."


nederland, CO

"Working with Glenn is a joy. He’s there kicking your ass and you can’t help but love the guy. He has a spirited way of engaging with you that is both compassionate and highly motivating. His presence is like a sort of fuel which inspires you to push beyond your perceived limits. He clearly has a gift for his work."

Heidi Goodrich

broomfield, co

"Glenn's an incredibly encouraging, persistent and motivating mentor! There have been many times I wanted to quit, but he would just walk right up to me, look me in the eyes and say just the right kind of thing to help me choose to keep going through those difficult moments (and I have had many!). I would not be where I'm at today without his help and endless belief in me! You want him in your corner!"

Luke Eisenhauer


"Glenn has a real gift for guiding an intense physical workout paired with thoughts and questions about life and how we show up as men. Thank you for the challenge, Glenn - I look forward to continuing this process of becoming a better, stronger, kinder and more capable man!"



"I’ve found Glenn to be an honest and integrity’s professional with a great deal of enthusiasm. I’ve enjoyed working with him very much."

Gabriel Krechmer


"I've never met any trainer like Glenn, who understands how humans tick, and that has made him an invaluable resource for me in changing my behaviors so that they serve me better. Glenn knows how to go to the root of the problem and support me in my growth. Can't recommend him enough!"

Linda Hicks

Boulder, CO

“I’m thrilled with new muscle tone in my arms and legs, my cardio and I’m now doing sets of 10 pull ups each day! The nutrition input Glenn offered really seemed to fall into place once I started actually doing it. I feel this is really helping me in other areas of my life, too. I sometimes have to make myself stop doing things because I have so much more energy and motivation!”


Boulder, CO

"Glenn knows his stuff.  I would trust him to be a guide in fitness and men's work.  He is on the path...."



"Glenn was an unexpected surprise in my life. Not only is he a great coach and person, he has be able to change the way I think about what is possible. I now think I am capable of doing all the things I have been dreaming about! He will push you in ways you didn't know you were able to be pushed and you will find confidence and empowerment  in all you are working on! Thanks Glenn!”

J. Madden


“I have been in the fitness industry for nearly 25 years, and with my extensive experience (Fitness Competitor, Owner of Denver's Premier health clubs), I fully understand what makes a great trainer. I expect my trainer to know my strengths and weaknesses, maybe even better than me. I expect my trainer to know how to motivate me beyond my comfort zone, as that is often where real results occur. And I expect significant results from our efforts together. Compatibility between trainer and client is also critical. I’ve worked with a number of trainers over the years that have not fully understood me or my goals. That is, until I met Coach Glenn."



“Glenn Hattem is wonderful to work with. He's supportive, creative, and fun. He has a deep knowledge of the latest fitness techniques.”


Superior, CO

"Glenn is an amazing coach. Not only does he strengthen your physical well being, but your mental game as well. This guys knowledge and patience motivates you to follow through and find that belief in yourself. Looking forward to more coaching sessions!"

Shannon Curtis


"Glenn has been a great motivational force in my life. He got me to push harder than I ever would have. Sharing his wisdom has given me confidence to lead a healthier and more fit life. It's through this new  confidence that I've become very ambitious in all aspects of my life, especially in my career and outdoor activities. At work, I have more energy than most. I look forward to getting up in the morning and I don’t need coffee."

Chef Marisol Simon

Cherry Creek, CO

“Thank you so much for helping me improve my jump rope skills and teaching me those killer abs exercise so I could feel sexy with a rockin' body on the beach while on vacation in Rio & Belize, where everyone looks good.”



"Being an elite athlete on the Cuban Olympic TKD Team, I've worked with so many coaches and personal trainers over the years, some good and some very bad. Glenn delivered the results I wanted, and that he promised. I’ve witnessed this with every single client he pushes and pulls way out of their comfort zone.”

Malia Baird

Broomfield, CO

“Miracles do happen! After a horrible car accident that severed my leg completely off and put me in a coma, doctors told me I'd NEVER EVER walk again… This was until I met Glenn! Now 6 months later I've quit drinking, at 55 lost over 55 lbs and I’m running with a weighted vest up mountains. I’m a completely new person and loving life again! And his teachings and conversations with my son have made such a positive impact on him and our relationship. Thank you for your heart. I hold you in my hall of fame of wonderful people. Bless you!”


Cherry Creek, CO

“Glenn brings a high powered level of focus and intensity to his coaching. The result is an approach to fitness that outdoes the most elite of coaches out there. At 41, I’ve been training hard for over a decade. But Glenn has a keen eye for identifying someone’s plateaus and helping them break right through them. Glenn helps you to form a lasting commitment to your health and fitness as an integral part of your full-life.”

Kate Campo

Minneapolis, MN

“Glenn and his system have been a blessing for me and my family. Glenn has worked successfully with my husband Dan and after seeing his results I wanted “in” too. Approaching 40 and recently having had a baby I needed help with my weight, fitness and overall health. He has provided motivation for me and has helped me get back to my marathon running days before baby. He keeps you on track, focused and has an incredible wealth of information including some amazing recipes that our whole family has enjoyed. He's changed our lives and we cannot thank him enough for his guidance.”

Danna Hinz

Lafayette, CO

“When you use Glenn's system, it works and produces results every time. When you don’t, it won’t!”



“In a matter of weeks I went from very average to doing things I would have never imagined being able to do. This experience has spilled over outside of the gym and has given me the passion to continually progress in whatever I am pursuing. Glenn’s “mental toughness” approach pays serious dividends beyond the gym walls. Glenn has an incredible ability to change people’s lives.”



“I found this experience to be extremely beneficial and healing. Glenn’s book and training have saved my life and is helping me turn things around. I count Glenn in as one of the guiding angels in my life. He’s a great coach. Plus, his caring nature and real life experiences lend insight and understanding to his clients. I totally recommend Glenn!”

Dee Dee Hauptman

Broomfield, CO

“I’ve tried every diet and the latest and greatest exercises only to find myself soon frustrated because the weight came back on and I lost interest. Until I got Glenn’s book. The skills you learn are life changing skills you will use for the rest of your life. His passion for what he does, it’s not a job to him, it’s his calling. His believing in me made the difference.”

Dr. Tara Bonvillian

Boulder, CO

“As a chiropractor, I spend all day working on other people’s bodies, so I need to keep my own body at its best. Glenn’s system includes challenging and safe weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, nutritional counseling, stretching, and goal setting to improve your overall health, which makes it easy to reach your goals.”



"I’ve been working out with Glenn and following his system. In three weeks I’ve seen substantial changes in my physique and could not be more pleased with my progression. I look forward to our time, as I always leave with new knowledge of my continually changing body. Glenn is inspirational and refreshing! I am enjoying continuing to integrate the system into my life!"


Cherry Creek, CO

“Glenn is a terrific person to work with. His program is rigorous although easy to understand, implement and follow. Working with Glenn and his program profoundly changed my life in so many ways. I could not recommend anyone better to work with. I have really enjoyed working with him. He’s a total pro and a great human being! He even taught my kids to jump rope, body awareness, and mental conditioning.”

Erin Gaarder

Gunbarrel, CO

"If you want to really get your butt kicked, Glenn’s the man for the job!”

Kris Urbonas

broomfield, co

“I truly enjoyed working with Glenn. I learned so many good things about nutrition I could apply right away that made a difference in the way I felt.”

Annelies Atchley

Tiburon, CA

"Glenn is a very responsible, well educated and knowledgeable worker and trainer. Ethical and kind, experienced working with people in all kinds of situations. I highly recommend him!"



"As a former competitive skier, I understood how hard I pushed my body. But over the past few years, running my business and starting a new family more than edged out my ability to stay in shape, I landed myself in the hospital with a stroke at 300+ lbs. The program Glenn provided for me in the past was so amazing. My core strength became better than when I was competing as an extreme skier 15 years ago! Returning to Glenn for empowering phone coaching…I’ve been losing a lot of the weight and I am back skiing with my daughter. Thanks Glenn, you changed my life, once again.”


Boulder, CO

“Glenn is a wealth of knowledge in proper athletic training, and he is so motivating and enthusiastic.”

Kerry Soltis

Littleton, CO

“Glenn gives you the tools you need throughout your life to continue to improve your health, nutrition, and exercise. I’ve lost a lot of weight, see the results, and feel GREAT! I love the way my body is starting to look, and my friends and family are also noticing. I raised my arm the other day and actually had definition in my shoulder muscle. I was amazed because I’ve never seen this before! I’m no longer embarrassed to wear short sleeve shirts.”

Sherry Young

New Mexico

“Having worked with Glenn, one thing I know about Glenn is that he is not going to settle for anything less than great results, high quality, and passion in anything he does! He is an excellent communicator and is someone you can absolutely count on!”


Maui, Hawaii

"If you’re serious about getting back in shape, look no further. TRIBAL LIFE is a powerful, practical system for creating life-changing results that last. There is absolutely no one else who can get you these kinds of results. Glenn is your one true source.”

Theo Schwartz

Oakland, CA

“My Mentor made it all possible, inspiring me to push much farther than I would on my own. Glenn helped me transform my outlook on life! I’m significantly faster, stronger, and have so much energy after work that I look forward to the gym and preparing healthy meals. I’ve lost over 20 lbs while gaining muscle. I’m ripped…and my desire for sweets and alcohol is barely there. My mom introduced us after tremendous success working with her, her business partner, my brother AND both my grandparents.”

Det. Polly Miller

Boulder, CO

“Glenn doesn’t just give you a personalized program to get you to your goals. He inspires you to dig deep and guides you the whole way. He had me achieving goals that I never thought I could at my age and after two surgeries. He picked me up by my boot straps and it’s been a total life changing experience.”

Rachel Pittenger

Boulder, CO

“From working with Glenn, I gained tremendous confidence with both cardiovascular conditioning and correct use of weights, along with improved health awareness. By following his routine, I built usable endurance and muscular strength for my sport. As a basketball player I truly appreciated having a personal coach that believed in me no matter what. This experience has been a great way for me to stay in shape over the summer and gain skills for the future.”



"Your program has jump started me on a path to a higher level of fitness. While I haven’t followed it to a tee, it has brought excellent nutritional awareness and has motivated me into a more regular workout schedule. While I didn’t necessarily lose weight over the holiday season, I didn’t put any on either, which is a net gain in my opinion. Thanks for bringing your program to my attention!”


Yucaipa, Ca

“Being a father of three, I wanted to look and feel good. I also wanted the extra energy after work to play with my kids and get them into the things I enjoyed doing like surfing and skateboarding. Glenn’s GET IT BACK system not only brought me back, it took me to a whole other level, and my wife too!”

Sandy Shannon


“I was a bit skeptical about working with a mentor, but something about Glenn’s approach convinced me to give him a shot. He’s passionate about fitness, and it shows through the enthusiasm he brings to every session. He was very clear about what WE had to do to see results, and explained that the workout was only a part of what was needed and helped me with nutrition that fit my lifestyle. He worked with my limitations and tailored everything to fit my needs. I am now more conscious of how I treat my body. I’ve incorporated a much healthier diet into my life. I feel better, look better and because of him, I have the information and the confidence to continue on the road to success.”



"Glenn’s coaching is of the finest quality. In addition to his proven system, he creates a positive environment that supports change, realistic goals, and sustainable effort over time. This program is straight forward and consistent. His system simply works.”

Sylvia Rivera

Tiburon, CA

“Glenn’s structured and customized method has enabled me to keep the focus off of counting calories and fat grams by putting a much greater emphasis on my overall well being. In just the first few weeks, I noticed a positive difference in my energy level. I now am exercising regularly and eating healthier meals. The result: smoother, softer skin, weight loss, tempered mood, and a renewed sense of confidence that I will achieve my goals.”



“I have not only progressed in my fitness level, but have learned so much from Glenn regarding the nutritional side of fitness. I have always been active, but to take it up another notch by showing me how much more I can do, I have gained in my own confidence as well. It’s been both challenging and fun!”



“I've known Glenn since he was 12 years old. Glenn provided me with the consistent motivation that I needed. I now am able to sustain that self-motivation on my own for the most part. Having been carrying around for so many years plenty of extra-unwanted pounds, I was able to lose over 50 pounds and it continues to peel off. I’ve definitely become more active with regular exercise and enjoying competing at the championship level at softball and bowling. I continue to play my best years so far.”

Chris Pelletier

Boulder, cO

“Glenn is all about transformation; making you better today than you were yesterday. He's knowledgeable and focused on results.”


Boulder, cO

“My experience with Tribal Life (Glenn) has been phenomenal, over my four-week training, I have pushed my self passed my limits. Glenn has really shown me how much I can achieve if you're willing to put in the effort."

Christy Vaughn

Boulder, CO

“If you ever wanted to work with a personal trainer or coach, look no further, Glenn will take your program to a far more individualized level than you could have ever imagined. He will deliver exactly what you want, with a great big smile on his face. He is very skilled and enthusiastic about the fitness lifestyle, and it definitely gets absorbed by all of his students, as my husband and I both found out.”

Hazel Carter

Tiburon, CA

"I’ve learned so much from Glenn and his system after his father died (His wicked step-mum), and really took it to heart. Using the guidelines and taking into consideration some knee, hip, and back problem areas, I set up a schedule at the gym and changed my eating habits. Having lost the weight, now I feel so much better and I'm constantly receiving compliments! Glenn’s constant support and encouragement made the difference!”


Sacramento, CA

“Thank you Glenn! I’ve been jumping rope consistently and I'm now a diamond-hard Adonis. Well, maybe not quite that, but I'm now able to do do a total of 2,000 jumps at a time. It’s been a lot of fun, and it doesn’t get boring! Best of all, I can take it with me on bike rides or anywhere else I care to. Kate’s been at it too.”

Heather Bahlman

Cherry Creek, CO

“Glenn’s passion for his work is evident within your first few minutes of conversation. His commitment in providing guidance and unwavering support throughout your journey to the optimal you is incredible. If you’re looking for someone to help you in unleashing your potential, Glenn will make every effort and then some to deliver.”

Jennifer Davis


“The choice to work with Glenn is one of the best I’ve made. His program, undying support and faith in me has made a profound affect on my life and well-being. This has laid the foundation for the beginning of a journey that is the start of a lifelong commitment for which I have him to thank.”


Eugene, OR

"Glenn is simply the best out there. By following his guidelines, I’ve gained more energy, watched the weight fall off, and now I spend many enjoyable days outdoors doing what I love."


Boulder, CO

“I decided at age 45 to go into the police academy, and I needed some help from someone who could give me the confidence I needed in my fitness and my body’s ability to hang with the younger recruits. I was determined to lose about 35 unwanted pounds. Glenn and his system have pushed me to the top of a big mountain and given me that confidence to persevere.”

Jill McFadden

Boulder, CO

“I started at 38% body fat and got down to 35% after only four weeks. I’ve not been big on consistent exercise in the past, but I was able to overcome this by completing the workout routines in this system. I’m now working out 5-6 days a week! I want to ensure my health and fitness as I get older, so I plan on incorporating this as a regular routine in my life. We are all truly capable of change!”

Joyanna Laughlin

Boulder, CO

“Glenn knows nutrition, and the simple suggestions he gives really work! I've made a few simple changes in my eating plan and I lost weight pretty fast. I feel better about myself, my clothes already fit more loosely, and I’m feeling stronger and more committed to my workouts and to my new eating plan. I can’t wait to see what wonderful changes happen next.”



"Glenn’s impressive knowledge is a valuable resource. For individuals or couples that already have a passion and interest in getting the most out of their  training, Glenn Hattem is a must have!”



“At age 55, I rediscovered my abdominal muscles and strengthened my legs for mountain biking. In only a few short weeks, I not only increased my strength, but saw huge improvements in my quality of sleep, my posture, and energy level. I feel healthier and more energized than I have in years. I also enjoyed a great ice-axe summit of Mt. Shasta with Glenn and our gang too!”

Dan D.


“Great guy, with amazing background and knowledge. Colorado is lucky to have him!”


San Rafael, CA

"I am living-proof that a 43-year-old man can turn back the clock. I have added 12 pounds of muscle, leaned out to 9% body fat, and have abdominal definition. Glenn taught me that we can all dig a lot deeper and work out a lot harder than we think. I have learned things that I can apply to my workouts for the rest of my life."

Kristin Brickl

Boulder, CO

"Attentive. Patient. Driven. Strong in body and soul. Working with Glenn is a game changer for the long-term. Investing in working with him is an investment in yourself that will not only enrich your life, but the lives of those around you. As I become my best self, I see the relationships most meaningful to me improving beyond measure. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

Julie Naster

Nederland, CO

“When I started I felt a bit overwhelmed because of my full and stressful schedule. I was surprised with all there was to learn that it was doable. It makes sense why I had to go through this learning process. I really like the structure Glenn provided and the ability to execute it on my own. Both my kids now in their 20’s have also adopted aspects of his GET IT BACK system.”


Cherry Creek, CO

“Thanks Glenn for all the training and instruction to help get me ready for my photo shoot! The hard work that you put in with me definitely shows. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been! I look forward to working with you again. This photo highlights the hard work we put in together. Definitely worth it. Check out Glenn’s services and kick your training up a notch.”


Redwood City, CA

"Glenn is an amazing life coach and facilitator. Through his TRIBAL LIFE community program, he is able to create an environment of trust, transparency, and sharing. This is not something that comes natural for me, but came freely for me in sessions with Glenn. I highly recommend Glenn's services. Not only will you be getting a highly qualified individual ...but you will get someone that truly cares about your well being!"

Kathy Baum

Cherry Creek, CO

“Glenn’s comprehensive program has helped me focus on my goals, challenge myself, and refine my nutrition and exercise regimen.”


San Rafael, CA

“I feel 21 again! Glenn gave me the ultimate workout that has not only increased my strength and focus, but has given me the energy to drum with the endurance that has gotten me into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ as percussionist for Santana.”



“Gentle and wise in his approach to wellness, Glenn asks good questions and encourages you to look within to find your own sense of power..Glenn's (w)holistic package is effective and transformative.”

kelli calabrese


"Glenn's making a real positive difference in people's lives! Highly recommend him."


Beverly Hills, CA

“As a former NFL Super Bowl Campion for the Oakland Raiders, I know what being in top shape looks and feels like. Glenn is extremely dedicated to helping former athletes create healthier, more enjoyable lives. He is a visionary who knows how to motivate, while achieving the results that his clients desire. I highly recommend Glenn and his system to anyone that cares about their long-term health and wellness. Thanks Glenn for leading the way!”



“Unconventional thinking in a conventional world. Glenn teaches you the direct way to reach your goals without all the fluff. He gives you a kick in the ass that everyone needs!”

Kelly Carter

Las Vegas, NV

“With the demands of owning a company and being a mom, my strong desire to be fit was soon overcome by a stronger demand of my time. Glenn’s system was the perfect solution. Because of the system’s practicality, it carried over into my independent training long after the system was over.”

Kim Hawkins


“Glenn is an energetic, compassionate coach who is passionate about helping others. He conveys out of the box ideas to meet a each individual’s unique needs. He recognizes your potential and keeps you focused on your goals. He is trustworthy and maintains high integrity. I enjoy his sense of humor too.”



If you’re truly wanting make lasting changes with your health and fitness, Get It Back is for you. Not only will it get you up off the couch, the sky is the limit for the strength and fitness levels you can reach with this system.”

Marroquin Family

Yucaipa, Ca

“Being a father of three, I wanted to look and feel good. I also wanted the extra energy after work to play with my kids and get them into the things I enjoyed doing like surfing and skateboarding. Glenn’s system not only brought me back, it took me to a whole other level, and my wife too!”


Frederick, MA

“Thanks to Glenn, I’ve been able to re-establish a healthy pattern and lifestyle. Being able to see and feel changes in my body has helped to keep my mind clear and open. My motivation level has also increased and continues.”



"After a torn Achilles, Glenn’s creative cardio and resistance workouts pushed me, gave me lots of options, but took my limitations into account. I integrated better eating habits, lost weight, gained muscle mass and more energy, and lowered my cholesterol. My ankle completely recovered. I believe I made much more progress than if I'd tried to tackle these goals on my own.”



"Coach Glenn's workouts get you in shape fast, as my son Jake and I have enjoyed completing challenges together. Jake was able to do 1000 jumps without a miss after only a few sessions.-That's amazing! TRIBAL LIFE is  fresh opportunity for men to come together and go after life as a UNIT."

Lori Clair


“As a personal trainer in a highly competitive field, Glenn makes strides to help people change their lives for the better. He is an exceptional person, as well as a fitness expert. He’s result oriented, caring, and very dynamic. He is a very good example to friends and students in living a healthy lifestyle.”


broomfield, co

“With two kids and a busy career, I just wanted to get confident that I could incorporate working out again into my daily life. I also really enjoyed the heart rate based cardio routines and developing confidence in my balance and stability.”



"Being a new dad and having been a former professional Australian football player for so many years, I truly missed being outside, training hard with my mates. Glenn flipped a switch for me, getting me fired up again, and provided me with a true road map to getting it back."

Melanie Salman

Corte Madera, CA

“Glenn gave me a knowledge base that stayed with me even after my program ended. I can truly recommend Glenn to anyone who wants to see clear results.”


Boulder, CO

"Glenn is awesome. He has an amazing knowledge of diet, nutrition, health, and overall physical and emotional well being. He guided me through a raw foods detox and exercise program that was super helpful. I would recommend TRIBAL LIFE and the solid expertise this program supports."



“Training with Glenn is the smartest investment you will EVER make toward your fitness!”


Estes Park, CO

"I lost quite a bit of overall fitness to a severe case of bronchitis. I couldn’t even run for one minute, and it frustrated me that I couldn’t do what I wanted to physically. I wanted to get back in the saddle fast and regain my killer endurance, as well as stack on some solid muscle. And I did with Glenn's System. I ran from Fort Collins to Steamboat, the Wild West 200-mile relay race. I ran 112+ miles of the course on my own in 31 hours. I started running a marathon almost every weekend and signed up to run the famous Bataan Death March with Glenn (a 26.2 mile marathon though the toughest terrains of altitude gain, rocks and sand of White Sands New Mexico-a true test of strength and stamina). With a 40lb pack on, I unofficially beat the 20-year Guinness World Record with (3 hours and 56 minutes). Glenn’s system and coaching more than jump-started me into accomplishing seemingly impossible feats. If you want to test your limits, Glenn will get you moving in the right direction. Glenn will believe in your dreams and push you to do what ever it takes!”



“I was fortunate to have Glenn remind me that I can always do more. After being injured and having to take time off my normal Aikido practice, I decided to participate in Glenn’s system. The nutritional information alone made so much sense and was very easy to digest. That worked for me!”

Nell Dickerson


"Glenn believes in me until I can believe in myself”



“Glenn’s holistic and intuitive training style allows him to reach new heights and destinations with each of his students. He works very hard to improve not only their lives, but the lives of EVERYONE around him.”

Bonni Radderman


“If you are lacking passion in your life, then this is your opportunity to get it back. I have already noticed a substantial increase in my strength, and I’m even getting better day by day with jump rope and digging it. My attitude is always a 10.”

Alison DeGiorgio

Broomfield, CO

“Working with Glenn, I feel so much healthier, I'm more knowledgeable about fitness and food, and I have so much more energy throughout the day! He is a pro, and to say he goes the extra mile for his students is an understatement. Not only is he passionate about helping me GET IT BACK, he's sincerely passionate about his students’ success in his program and in their daily lives. What I appreciate most is his style, that of a coach and an amazing friend; he motivates and challenges me, and checks in on my progress. Thanks to him, I'm learning how to realize greater success both in and outside the gym. I've run further than I ever have in my life (8 miles) and gone past fitting into my skinny jeans and wardrobe of favorite clothes I saved day. I'm grateful I found Glenn."

Christina Bremmer

Broomfield, CO

"If you are looking for a program that will deliver life changing results Glenn and his system are the way to go! Glenn’s comprehensive system allowed for progress that I had not imagined possible. The system is well designed, and under his direction leads to clear results.”


San Diego, CA

"Glenn has a unique talent for teaching and a knack for getting people to finally step up to the plate and make the changes they’ve desired for so many years to finally happen. He's an amazing Fitness Professional with the remarkable ability to educate and empower each individual he works with, coaching them to achieve their goals and desires beyond what they initially perceived was possible. Glenn’s ability to foster lasting relationships is not only a testament to his dedication, but also as an extraordinary person. I realized this within the just the first week of working with him."


Boulder, CO

“Working with Glenn is inspirational and fun, all while he kicks your ass and pushes your limits. He asks you to get out of your comfort zone without making any individual task seem insurmountable. Suddenly, you can do things you thought impossible a week ago. Awesome coach and trainer.”

Iman Alshamri

Vienna, Austria

“Thank you so much for all you have taught me…You pushed hard, but it was more than worth it and you are right… you can face any challenge if you put your mind to it and believe in yourself. I will for sure keep-up practicing my jump rope skills.”

Ashley Delong

Cherry Creek, CO

“I just finished Glenn's system. I look and feel amazingly better! His system is super motivating, fun, challenging and easy to follow. I’ve never been so committed to fitness until I worked with Glenn. Most importantly, I changed my fitness and nutritional habits. I’m living proof that this killer system rocks!”



"What great results! I was already lean and fit, and you definitively helped me take myself to a whole new level. I have to say that I finally know that how, when, and what I eat makes a big difference. My max incline bench went up from 135 pounds to 200 pounds-not bad for a 58-year-old fire-chief. Thanks a bunch."



"Glenn is extremely dedicated to helping people create healthier, more enjoyable lives. His passion and enthusiasm lift right off the pages and make you feel as if he is doing the work right along side you.”


Boulder, CO

“Glenn conveys a sincere belief in his client’s potential, and a kindness and enthusiasm that make you want to succeed and believe that real change is possible. I met him when I was at a crossroads in my life, and he became a significant part of my growth. I returned to work with him several years later as a trusted resource and friend for a new stage in my life, as well as having him work with my two daughters.”

Donna Lynch


“Thanks to Glenn I am always an IronWoman. Glenn has an extraordinary ability in which he truly sees your full-potential lying dormant within and fearlessly taps into it through challenging workouts. If you have an objective when it comes to your health, fitness and general well-being, Glenn provides the guidance to help you become something other than ordinary. I’d highly recommend Glenn and his system. I even signed my fiancé up to help us get in shape for our trip to Europe.”


Marina Del Rey, CA

“Being in the acting business, I always have to maintain my body. I’ve tried a number of different methods to stay in shape, but was never satisfied and saw only small changes. As soon as I started working with Glenn, I began to see major results. Now whenever I get a chance, I always go back to train with him to learn something new and fun. Thank you Glenn for ALL the challenges!”


Seattle, WA

“Glenn’s approach to health and wellness is unique, creative, and produces results. I have known Glenn for 20 years and recently read the GIB approach. The book contains the magic elixir every working professional needs to transform their health and consequently their lives. Stated another way, the book is a recipe for physical, spiritual, and financial success. The most important commodity in life is time. Glenn teaches you how to invest accordingly.”

Andrea Gibson


"Great Coach. Great Program. Great Results!"



"I’m enjoying eating and drinking more water than ever before. I’m not experiencing the 2PM crash anymore where I feel like I need a nap. I started at 201 lbs. and at the end of 4 weeks I was at 187 lbs, and now a personal low of 178. I don’t care about the scale. I look in the mirror and I like what I see. It feels good to fit in to my clothing with room to spare and down several belt sizes. I can now complete an hour of cardio without rest. Within just a couple weeks of being on the routine of eating better and exercise my blood pressure dropped 120/80 without needing to be on medication anymore. I am a completely different person and for the better. I now have the confidence that I could get to where ever I want to be physically…its simply a matter of what I’m willing to put into it. I always knew it…but experiencing it makes it real. I’m in a very good place with my mind, body and spirit. Best part of all is that I inspired my sons together for several fitness bootcamps, and TRIBAL LIFE Men's groups with Glenn, and watching them transform from the inside out has been priceless!”

Kyle P.


"Glenn is fantastic. His knowledge as both a fitness expert and a nutritionist are top notch, and he excels at connecting and communicating with his clients. The best thing however is the knowledge and confidence you gain so that you can maintain your gains after you leave the program."

Dee Webb


“Glenn's incredible! His approach is exactly what I was looking for. He focuses on getting to know you, yes the real you, and he helps you to understand your negative self talk. He encourages you, and gets you motivated, helping you to believe in yourself. After only a few short months I've noticed a vast improvement in my overall wellbeing, dropped 30 lbs. of pure fat and improved my mental acuity, ability to focus, energy, balance, and even back enjoying golf. Just completed the Manitou Incline stair climb, and tackled a 30K. I have a ways to go, but I know I can do this with Glenn’s help! You're worthy of the very best and Glenn will help you become the best version of you!”

Star Laurence


“Glenn has a gregarious personality and is very quick witted. He is a delight to work with and has been very successful in what he does. I would recommend him without a doubt!”



“Glenn is an amazing trainer and life coach. I’ve watched him transform the lives of my family. Great guy that speaks straight to what is holding one back from getting to where one wants to be. Working with Glenn is one of the smartest moves you can do.”

Nancy Chin-Wagner

Boulder, CO

“As any person can visually see, Glenn is in shape. He is an expert in the system he created. Glenn enjoys helping people get in shape through exercise and nutrition. He works with his clients and listens to you. Follow The System and you will feel great and see results!"

Bylo Farmer

Boulder, CO

“I’m blown away by the GREAT mood I’ve been in and the improvements that I am seeing with Glenn's System! Wow!...I started at 180lbs, and I am already down to 173lbs after only four weeks. I ran for the first time since 1977 and have such great energy now! This approach makes surprising results! I continue to build strength and stamina, and the stretches I use every day are helping me work on my flexibility, which needed some serious work.”


Tiburon, CA

"In just the first 4 weeks, I noticed a DRAMATIC change in my appearance. I slimmed down a bunch, put on some seriously strong muscles and our aerobic capacities improved significantly over a very short period of time. Thanks for the pain AND THE GAIN!”


Cherry Creek, CO

“Glenn is a very high integrity and reliable person. He is very well organized and makes the extra effort to identify creative, collaborative solutions. He’s had such a positive impact on my wife and I. Thank you!!”

Helene Kwonge


“Glenn was super with his training. My other personal trainers in the past (and present?) never made me cry, but Glenn did….in a good way though! He is very knowledgable and patient. He will definitely help you ‘get it back’ and you won’t regret the investment at all!”

Tricia Klomhaus

Boulder, CO

“I jumped rope for 3 songs in a row without missing, ran 6 miles no problem, improved my balance, and got into a smaller pant size!”


Denver, CO

“Glenn effortlessly integrates your personal life goals and hurdles into a holistic context. When exercise forces you to come up against your own resistance, doubt and lack of motivation, Glenn gently pushes you through it. When you come out the other side and start seeing physical results, it’s amazing how he helps apply that to life outside your training. Having somebody like Glenn question your own view of yourself and guide you into a new view of what is possible is totally invaluable.”


Boulder, CO

“I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to working out. Once I started this program, I realized how wrong I was. The results were unlike anything I had experienced in 20 years. Now, I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since college and Glenn’s helped my wife and kids as well.”

Tsunemi Rooney

Boulder, CO

“I'm encouraged and reminded by Glenn that a slow start will go a long way, meaning success! Unlike other times, when I used to psych myself up to lose weight, I’m now taking things slowly and enjoying a more relaxed approach. The system isn't just about losing weight, but more importantly about how to create the lasting shift of body, mind, and spirit. I’m paying close attention to what I eat and I'm noticing that it’s not about calories, but instead about being aware of my body, my mood, and my nutritional needs. I’ve lost several pounds, and I'm surprised how easily it was.”

Trudi Woodson

Broomfield, CO

"I have been working with Glenn for sometime now. It is unlike any experience I've had in the past. I'm confident that I will be successful and will never turn back to my old ways. Glenn truly cares about his students and it's clear this is not only an incredible business for him, but his life's calling."


Broomfield, CO

“Glenn is more than a trainer: he is a healer. Glenn’s  program pushed me to physically, mentally and emotionally change my life. I've never met a trainer in the industry who has the experience, passion, and drive that he has. I credit him for switching career paths. I would have been stuck in a career I didn't want to be in and $80K in college debt. Thank you so much Glenn!”

Marylou Johnson

Apple Valley, CA

“Fitness professionals are not all equal. You need to research who you're putting in charge of your health. When I met Glenn, many years ago, he was the picture of health and he still is. His athletic lifestyle and nutritional habits were vividly apparent, and I wanted to emulate my life after him. He’s full of energy and vigor for life, which is quite contagious. He's trained beauty queens, professional athletes and famous movie actors because of his reputation for being the very best at motivation, accountability and success. If you want to see results and gain an education for life, Glenn has made a great impact on my life and many others. He will transform your life and allow for no more limitations.”

Brooke Bloedorn


“Glenn is an inspirational and compassionate coach. He demonstrates a great level of empathy to ask the right questions that help you navigate through your strengths and weaknesses.  Glenn will push you to be the best version of yourself while incorporating a balanced lifestyle.”



“Hop skip and a jump to renewed health and vigor. Seriously, Glenn's the jump rope guru. Efficient innovative workouts that help you push your limits, a genuine interest in your well being and his ability to motivate you are all great reasons to GET IT BACK. I confidently recommend him and his professional services.”

Victoria Luburich

San Rafael, CA

“Glenn’s unique approach to fitness and lifestyle training is so refreshing and personal! I am treated as a whole, not just as a body part. He pays attention to every detail and offers plenty of emphasis on proper nutrition and mindset. His strategy keeps you feeling as if your coach is always there and worked great for both of myself and my partner.”

Kathy Policita

Boulder, CO

“I had an awesome time working with Glenn. I really did jump-start my fitness with his easy-to-use system. I learned how to exercise and eat a lot smarter, and I even learned how to jump rope!”


Cherry Creek, CO

“Glenn's a results oriented individual. He is well organized and had a plan and strategy to achieve the results I wanted. It was a joy working with him. I have no doubt that he will achieve success in whatever endeavor he undertakes with you.”


Tiburon, CA

"If I could have 1/4 of Glenn's imagination, energy, and strength, I'd be a superman, imagine what he is with 100%. Ideas burst out of the man 24/7. He must be some kind of a zombie because I'm almost positive he never sleeps. I do know if I ever wanted a project done, he'd be the first guy I'd call, an then I could lay back and watch TV because he'd get it done, on time and under budget."

Diane Whiddon

Cherry Creek, CO

“I so enjoyed having Glenn as my coach. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise and he always kept things interesting. We rarely did the same thing twice. It seemed like each week, with his encouragement and support, I was able to do something new that I hadn’t previously thought was possible. His caring attitude and tireless motivation make him a truly stellar coach. I loved his book, Get It Back. Seriously, you will not find a better resource about how to make your body a fat-burning machine out there. It’s a tremendous nutrition and exercise resource.”


Erie, CO

"Glenn's focus and commitment to succeed in whatever he does are second to none! He attacks challenges assertively and solicits input from others to validates is his strategies."

"I've always worked hard, but Glenn helped me take my training to another level. When I first started working with him, I had OK abs and could bench press 225 for 6 reps. After several months, I am now benching 315 easy, have the rock hard six pack I’ve always wanted. I even took 2nd place twice naturally in my bodybuilding shows. Glenn not only pushed me to get stronger, he inspired and motivated me to go beyond limits. His emphasis on nutrition helped me get my body fat down to 6% and now I’m ripped. Glenn is without a doubt one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. If you are looking to change your body, health, and life, or just take your intensity to another level, Glenn is the man! His exercise and nutrition advice even helped my dad, and he’s over 50 and now picking up the jump rope.”

Tina Maloney

Mill Valley, CA

“Thank you so much. It has been a somewhat painful, but amazingly beneficial year. Thank you for the new perspective at 30 lbs lighter. I hope we can find a way to work together again as my needs in life change.”


Cherry Creek, CO

"I have known Glenn for over 3 years and he is a highly motivated and filled personal trainer and life coach. If you want to get the best out of your body and life he is the man to help you."


Denver, CO

"In my late teens and twenties, I spent the majority of my free time in the gym. I worked with weight that was too heavy, probably used questionable form and never gave my body the time it needed to recover between workouts. The best I can say about my eating habits is that they were ok. Because I was young my body could endure and I saw some decent results. But trying to replicate those results with that routine as a 40 year old just wasn't going to happen. With Glenn's help I now have a sustainable workout routine that has me back in the best shape I've been in a long time and an eating plan to make sure my results are maximized. Don't go it alone! Let Glenn help you. The investment in his system is well worth it."

Valerie Williams

Boulder, CO

"I signed up myself, my son and daughter to work with Glenn to improve our fitness and do something fun together. Everyone is now in great shape and continue to have a positive attitude and enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle. My son got into West Point, which Glenn was a great influence on his life at a critical time.”

Lynda Lacher


“Glenn has not only helped me greatly on the road to being fit, but what stands out in his approach is the psychological fitness counseling he gives so freely. Anyone can follow a “program,” for a short time with some level of success, but when you get stuck, you have Glenn to get you through the roadblocks. My only wish is that I had found him sooner.”


Denver, CO

"Thanks for being a role model and strong man for all of us other men. The routines and practices that got you here are a constant reminder to me of what consistency and focus creates. Glenn you're a true resource and a force for the attainment of health, wellness, freedom, love, and connection. I feel all of this value trickling down directly to me, and I'm thankful for your gifts and guidance. You've helped me create lasting change in my life through challenging training and by bringing awareness to my pattern of justifying my excuses."



“Glenn's been a tremendous resource for me. I've known him since grade school and I can vouch for his integrity and character. He's always been supportive and genuine with his desire to help me reach my fitness and refocus on my business goals. Not only has he helped with my physical conditioning he's given me the support I needed when I struggled with life challenges that completely turned my life upside down. I'm on a much more stable footing now and so grateful to have this kind of support. He gave me the instruction and guidance I needed to manage my life in a simple and effective format that was eye-opening. He outlines an easy plan to follow and build upon, and is there every step of the way!”


Lafayette, CO

"For Glenn, it's not just about helping you feel fit, but getting you to a whole new level of energy. He isn't just a fitness coach. He goes beyond being a great resource of inspiration and motivation. What he has done with Get It Back is created a mentorship that takes you from wherever you are at today- to a new level you only vaguely hoped for."

Pam Huntley


“When I started out, I could barely do 10 minutes on the elliptical. Now I’m running stairs and ENJOYING lifting weights. All I have to do is look in the mirror to see the results. In fact, my mother didn’t recognize me. She was so amazed at how incredible I looked!”

Gregg  Imbimbo

Wellington, FL

“Before becoming a mom, Glenn’s enthusiasm for high-intensity training helped me achieve the best body of my life. Our work together blossomed into a solid, long-lasting friendship for over 20 years now. I have observed Glenn’s journey from a morsel of an idea to the birth of a movement. He displays knowledge, compassion, pride, work ethic and drive in all of his endeavors. His integrity is unmatched and I have no doubt that he will succeed with anyone that he chooses to take on.”



"After eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps, I left with never ending stamina and a level of strength I thought I would never lose. However, a few years and one child later, my motivation for fitness had faded. Not only did Glenn educate and empower me to do the right things on my own, he brought my body back from extinction. I am stronger than ever before, but more importantly, more flexible and healthier, making better food choices. Glenn’s ability to improve his students’ lives is unmatched in the fitness field and made such a tremendous difference with myself and my fellow SWAT and sheriff officers. He has been instrumental in making me fit for duty and, in all seriousness, may one day have saved my life.”

Jen Helms

Cherry Creek, CO

“I am feeling more energetic than normal by Friday, when I usually feel like crap. I’ve had no added sugar all week, where I normally have something sweet EVERY day, some days A LOT of sweets, in place of real meals… so, I feel pretty righteous about having gone ALL WEEK without a treat! Also, because of the creative exercises that challenge my core, balance and stability of my whole body my low back has been feeling stronger and without the usual pain for the first time in two years, which is amazing! I love the new exercises that appropriately challenge me and always give me a great workout.”


Cherry Creek, CO

“It feels great to accomplish things I would't have believed were possible at this point in my life. I appreciate your guidance and helping me not believe my old story. I’m changing my life, reinventing myself, and you're providing the structure and support to complete it. The process is more mental and emotional than it is physical. The physical is just the manifestation of the change, which is already 25lbs. lighter and dropping (251 to 226). I’m a very excited with our progress. I’m in this for life. I feel really proud and excited about everything. I also made a huge breakthrough, finally able to keep my will power while the girls have their desserts, and it's increasingly easier for me to not fall to temptation."


Broomfield, CO

“Glenn and TRIBAL LIFE provides former fitness and sports enthusiasts, 5-Star personalized expert coaching anywhere in the world. Glenn’s been a great friend and mentor of mine. He’s quick to tell me how good I’m doing if I’m doing good (not just blowing smoke), he’s real. If he needs to be tough, he’s tough but it comes from love. If you’ve ever known how incredible it feels to be in shape, how great it feels to be able to do the things you LOVE doing, and you want that back, then let Glenn help you GET IT BACK!"

Annette Pattison

New Port, CA

“A few months before turning 58, I looked at photos when I was in my 30’s thinking it would be wonderful to have my body in that kind of shape again. Very much inspired by my son Aaron’s weight loss, fabulous body tone, and determination from using Glenn's System, I was encouraged by him to make a decision to achieve my goal to be a more fit, confident person. He showed me a way to get there. I love this system! Now my clothes are looser, my waist is coming back, I’m more focused and disciplined, and I reached my goals in all areas. I am so grateful to Glenn for this! My nutrition is at its best (It’s easier to make healthier choices at the holiday parties now) and I am continuing to see significant results. Hugs!”

dylan slattery

denvER, CO

"Glenn is one of the most genuine men that I have ever encountered. He leads from the heart and has a way of getting people from all backgrounds to be comfortable sharing their story and finding a power within themselves that they didn't know existed. Everyone needs someone like Glenn in their corner!"



“Glenn provides you with an organized, well-planned routine that is customized for his clients mental and physical needs. His work outs will push your limits and help you build a better life. Highly recommended.”



“For years, I’d tried and failed to lose belly fat. I was like a dog chasing its tail, getting nowhere.With Glenn’s system, I have attained a phenomenal level of fitness and now enjoy many fun days of skiing and lacrosse. My wife, kids, friends and team A Spice Of Life have also noticed major improvements in my body and energy. Getting it back was something I never thought I could do, but I was wrong. With Glenn’s help, I set the pace for a better way of living. My results have not only been dramatic, but they’ve lasted. If you want to lose weight, gain lean muscle, and feel good again like you did in your 20s, grab GET IT BACK and run with it! You will watch your body and mind transform as you begin to shave off years and pounds. I even returned to Glenn 3 years later for a 2-week crash course because I needed some help getting ready for the Lacrosse Championships in Vail this summer. We won the 2009 championships, and me at age almost 40. Success tastes so sweet! Glenn, You rock!” CHECK OUT GET IT BACK VIDEO!!!


Lafayette, CO

“If you really are wanting a change in the way you and look and feel, this is the place to contact. If you put in the effort, I guarantee you will see results fast. Glenn knows what he is talking about and shows you the way.”

Kara Starr

Boulder, CO

"Glenn is a force of nature helping this lady keep being the healthy lady she wants to be! Glenn helps me keep my mind/body feeling fabulous, my legs/butt in good shape for tele turns, and feeling good in and out of my yoga practice. two thumbs up!"

Barbara Varas

Portage, MI

"Working with Glenn is a Win-Win situation. He puts as much effort into it as you do, if not more..."


Gunbarrel, CO

"I've known Glenn for over a decade and his knowledge and expertise in fitness is unmatched. He pushes you and inspires you to be the best that you can be. The physical transformation is awesome, but the mental aspect is even better! I look forward to my continued fitness journey with him and would recommend anyone to him. It will change your life!!!!"



“I have over 6 years of experience as a health coach and personal trainer, and I can say even after only working with Glenn for a short period of time that he is a very knowledgeable and motivating coach.”

Jeanne E. Nott

Denver, CO

"Such a wonderful program for our company to get incredible results, and get a lot closer as a team."



"Glenn shares his wisdom and passion for everything he does, allowing you to discover your own unique path. Glenn's a good friend and committed to stretching the comfort zone further and further to the edge."


Boulder, CO

“Get it Back’s Glenn Hattem is a master! He has pushed me harder than I imagined possible, and the result is equally surprising: the physical breakthroughs are paled by the psychological ones. Warning: If you just want to lose weight or build muscle, beware that working with Glenn is, in fact, the avenue to sustained fitness and fully empowered personal transformation.”


Broomfield, CO

“Last year I wanted to start to work on a few things in my life: discipline , mental strength and body strength. It was difficult in beginning, but after few training sessions with Glenn I started to see results and I wanted to do it more often. It took me about 4-5 month to lose 30 lbs and bring myself to much better shape. I change my diet and continue to improve myself in those aspects that I mentioned earlier. It is very important to have someone who can guide you and who can be a good mentor. Glenn is that kind of person. Highly recommend him!"

Sarah Thomas

Boulder, CO

"Glenn's an awesome coach to have in your corner. The System is a wonderful book. As a chef, these are amazing quick and easy recipes, that will become some of your favorites."

Jewels Marshon

Boulder, CO

"Glenn is a real expert in Health and Fitness, and a master at motivating his clients to achieve their fitness outcomes. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their level of health."


Broomfield, CO

“Hitting my mid 40s I realized I needed to focus on my health and fitness. I found the program online and gave it a shot. I started working with Glenn in mid July/2016 and with the combination of vastly improved nutrition and intense workouts I’ve shed over 40 lbs in four months while increasing muscle mass! I haven’t felt this energetic in years. Glenn is the Best!"

Susan Patterson

Cherry Creek, CO

"Glenn's one of the most transformational persons in my life. He has the ability to work with the mind and body in such a way that leaves you so empowered. He was able to properly evaluate and challenge me to ensure my success. I don’t believe Glenn asked me to do a single thing I haven’t been able to complete, as he took me to places I had not been. He is a professional in all aspects of his work with students and commitment to them is inspiring. Exercise had always been a part of my life, but I've never been able to integrate it in a meaningful way. I've spent years with trainers too numerous to recall, and I've never reached my goals. I can’t tell you how many times I've expressed my frustration only to finally realize from Glenn...I was the problem that needed to change, and this was life-changing. His impact on just one my daughters, shifted her back into running races again during a difficult time when we were losing my husband to cancer.”



“Glenn has been an incredibly helpful and fun force in my life for the past two months. His workout sessions are intense but satisfying, and his positive attitude never wavers. Further, he’s a Renaissance trainer, one who works with a person’s entire being and not just the outward and obvious. You owe it to yourself to work with Glenn.”

Kristy Lee

Broomfield, CO

"Glenn creates incredible results! I worked with him for only a month and instantly saw a change in my body and health. Since working with Glenn I have continued practicing all that he taught me and feel so much better about everything. I highly recommend Glenn if you are looking for an overall transformation."

Jenny Betz

Louisville, CO

"Unbelievable weight-loss. Working directly with Glenn made all the difference!"


San Rafael, CA

"Because of the demands of my work, I was reluctant to make a commitment to an exercise program. But as a result of my training, my stamina, energy level, and ability to concentrate have increased considerably. I also encouraged my son to learn how to appropriately train with weights. The work they’ve done together will stand him in good stead for the future.”


Newfane, VT

“Glenn focuses on your needs. That is what you want from a Fitness Expert. He does not offer a one-size-fits-all. Having worked with him, I can tell you his in-depth knowledge and experience, and passion for fitness, is unmatched, and he has brought them together in this dynamic system designed to achieve dramatic,life-changing results.”


Louisville, CO

"Glenn was great to work with! And I was very happy with my results from his amazing system!"

Cheli Lalik

Boulder, CO

“I benefited tremendously from this program and would highly recommend participation in this program to anyone. I improved nutrition, self-confidence and my body.”


Boulder, CO

"After completing my second round of the system, everything, I mean everything, had improved: my strength, energy, flexibility, nutrition habits, and most importantly, I just plain enjoy getting out for a bit of exercise. For the first time in about 20 years, I can run a couple miles and not feel sore the next day. I’m sure dropping the fat like crazy and adding muscle in its place. This system was the kick in the butt I needed to FINALLY get started. The lbs don’t interest me as much as my wife telling me I look a lot better, my clothes fit better, and I just feel better. I’d like to see just how far I can take Glenn's new approach to life.”


mill valley, cA

“After working out for a number of years, I was just going through the motions and was getting out of shape. Glenn raised the bar on my fitness goals and gave me new incentives. I have become self-motivated, and I feel and look better. What a great program!”

Padma Krishnan

Boulder, CO

"What an amazing system! Glenn was so fun to work with in achieving my personal fitness, health and lifestyle goals."

Aspen Meade

Boulder, CO

"Loved Glenn's course! He challenged me WAY out of my comfort zone at times!"



"Working with Glenn I definitely got into really great shape.”



"Glenn is committed to helping me achieve my goals and tirelessly works at figuring out what I could do to improve."

Nancy McVickar

Tiburon, CA

“In just the first 4 weeks, my husband and I noticed a DRAMATIC change in our appearances. We both slimmed down a bunch, put on some seriously strong muscles and our aerobic capacities improved significantly over a very short period of time. Thanks for the pain AND THE GAIN!”


Boulder, CO

"Glenn is an amazing coach and truly an example of what he teaches."


Denver, co

"What can I say about Glenn? He's a kind and compassionate coach that provides the right feedback at the right time. His system is perfect for anyone looking to get back in the shape they desire. It's perfect for those that need the motivation to get it back, but don't necessarily make it to the gym on their own. He provides a holistic approach that covers fitness, but also nutrition, mindset, and self-motivation, as well as lifestyle. I can't recommend him enough. If you want to get back in shape, or just want a solid mentor to help guide you in your life goals, Glenn is the man for it. Thanks again for your help and guidance Glenn!"


denver, CO

"Glenn's so much more than a fitness coach. He's got years of experience and his enthusiasm is infectious. He's personable, knowledgeable, and all-around just inspiring to be around. I got inspired with starting up my new business in full throttle and completing a half marathon in just a couple months. I look forward to continuing working with Glenn and Get It Back!"

Lindsey Harmon

Denver, CO

"Glenn's System was a perfect fit for me and for my co-workers. Thank you so much!"


Denver, CO

"Super coach, no doubt!!!"

Stephanie Mar

Broomfield, CO

"If you're looking for *just a trainer*, look elsewhere. Glenn is a master at digging into your psychological hurdles, driving you toward your goals, and moving you beyond those goals to achieve sustained, life-changing fitness. Big muscles. Even bigger heart. Get ready to become your best self."

Britt Nielson


"This is a great program! Be prepared to dig very deep. You may also find yourself running up a lot of hills!"



"Hard workouts, but the most effective training for producing results!"



"Glenn is an amazing coach and trainer. He works with you to achieve your goals and has a great approach. I highly recommend Glenn if your looking to take it to a new level! I learned a lot!"

Ana Valdez

Broomfield, CO

"Glenn's coaching surpasses your expectations of physical training. He uses his knowledge and passion to create a blend of physical, mental, and spiritual guidance. By taking the time to cultivate a personal relationship with you he constructs a tailor-made training that engages and challenges you on all levels. There is no doubt Glenn makes you a better version of yourself."

Dierdre D. Webb

Boulder, CO

"I worked with Glenn to get back in shape and his dedication to my success was unparalleled by any other fitness trainer that I've worked with in the past. Glenn is determined, yet compassionate and holds you accountable to doing your best. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get fit and lose the excuses."


Littleton, CO

"I've lost 120 pounds! A lot of what Glenn taught me and my mom was what made it possible."



"Glenn's a solid individual with a solid program to solidify your desired results!"

Melanie Reed

Arvada, CO

"In just a short period of time Glenn has helped me to have more mental strength and commitment than I have ever had. Working with Glenn has been great!"

Melinda, Voogel

Longmont, CO

"Glenn's been an incredible coach. Only three weeks in and I feel a significant difference in my strength, endurance and attitude. Glenn has led me from deep couch to a level I never would have thought possible just a month ago!"


Arvada, CO

"Working with Glenn is unlike anything I've ever done before. It's mental, physical, and spiritual. I feel better than I've felt - physically and emotionally - for a long time. I'm working out 6 x's/week and just ran a six mile race. I'm at the beginning of the journey, but I'm excited for the future, and I have a hope and belief I'll accomplish more than I've ever been able to on my own. I highly recommend you consider working with Glenn if you've tried on your own but failed. The way I am approaching life these days with ease and enjoyment is worth every dollar."


Conifer, CO

"Glenn is a motivational master! He helps breath life on smoldering ambers to ignite the desire and passion within you, not just for fitness but your whole life! I'm thoroughly grateful for his wisdom and belief in me and my son. He is the guy you want in your corner to beat and destroy that inner voice that says you can't or won't. He's  an amazing coach and will make a huge impact on your goals, dreams, and your life. I am forever grateful for the light he brings, the energy he gives is truly a gift. Thank you Bro!!!

Heather Omtvedt


"Glenn is a master at helping people get to the root of challenges and can provide major expertise to rapidly catapult life forward, in body, mind and relationships. He loves to make you laugh in the process too which is an added bonus.  I highly recommend working with Glenn!"


Boulder, CO

"Glenn demonstrates a remarkable balance of vulnerability and strength. His authentic approach is not only inspiring, but he provides the support needed to implement change and growth.  I'm grateful for Glenn's presence in my life!"


denvER, CO

"Absolutely incredible program Glenn provided our two companies. My personal results and weight loss were incredible!"



"Getting it back! Loving learning how to jump rope, all the incredible balance work, and getting my strength back for all the outdoor sports I used to love going big with."



"Helping people self-actualize is not a job for Glenn, it's the reason he is alive. Dedication like that paired with so many years of experience means you are bound to succeed. Glenn gives you the feeling that there is someone on your side. You will always be in good hands with Glenn!"


Boulder, CO

"Glenn is hard-working, relentless, and inspiring to be around, with motivational humor and a true example of everything he teaches."


Terra Linda, CA

"Glenn and his GET IT BACK System will more than help you return to your best in record time and with sustainability."



"Simply put: the system works. If you give Glenn a fraction of the effort that he gives you, you're going to see results. I can't say it'll be *easy* won't be. But what good things in life are? This program is fantastic."



"Several months ago, I called Glenn for an intervention for my partner, Jack.  Jack worked with Glenn several years before and had amazing results, but lately he was eating and drinking out of control!  Jack was very receptive to his involvement and signed up right away.  The results are outstanding!!  He's lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks and his attitude toward goals of all kinds is inspiring.  He not only works him physically, but also mentally, leading to all kinds of possibilities and goals.  I'm happy Glenn's back in our lives.  I now have a partner who is invested in his health and watching his transformation is a joy!"



“When I went back to see Glenn, I was on a quest to GET IT BACK! During the first month and a half, I lost 11 lbs. of fat. More than that, my pants got looser, my body change and I developed new muscles and increased my strength. Glenn is one of the most versatile coaches I have worked with, providing training for myself, my wife and my son (a competitive downhill skier). Glenn always has challenging and creative workouts. My new found conditioning really made skiing this year so much more enjoyable. With everything Glenn has taught me between cardio, weights, core strength, and nutrition, I am in (maybe) the best shape of my life (since high school). The best thing about the challenge was finding out that I can make the time in a day for a workout. Glenn listens and cares how his students do and feel and is excited for their accomplishments.” -Glenn, Sean & Maggi Horner

Alycia Marrapodi

Longmont, CO

"Glenn's a master motivator. He encourages you to take an honest look at yourself and your lifestyle so you want to make healthy choices for the longterm. His approach is like nothing I've ever tried (which is kind of why I got here to begin with). His coaching looks at the psychological reasons why you're making your current choices and then in-spires you to want to make necessary changes. I think that's the missing ingredient from most coaches-- the holistic approach that helps you look at the mental reasons you're sabotaging your efforts. You go deep, but the positive changes have lasting impact. I'm certain I won't go back to my old ways. Glenn knows his craft inside and out!"


Broomfield, CO

"Glenn is a good guy and he knows what he is doing. I have been lifting for years, but that didn't prepare me for some of the killer workouts he has put me through. Good luck to anyone reading this and best of luck on your new life's journey."


TIburon, CA

"Glenn gets it done! He helped me a ton with losing a ton, and focusing on what for fun."



"I have witnessed Glenn coach and transform lives with his knowledge and passion of fitness training. He's amazing and you will not regret joining his program and his unique training."



"WOW where to start! Glenn and his amazing system not only helped me to jump start a healthier life style but gave me the self confidence to push through the tough days. Thank you for the tools needed for my mind, body, and spirit transformation."


denvER, CO

"Glenn's energy and enthusiasm for health and fitness are contagious. His programs are thoughtfully designed around your personal goals and objectives, whether you are just getting into fitness or are a fitness fanatic. I would definitely recommend Glenn to anyone who is looking to include fitness and health as part of their lifestyle."

Nicholas Balsamo


“If you're having difficulty seeing your health/life beyond where it currently exists, Glenn demonstrates a unique ability and desire to help you realize that you have the power to accomplish whatever you dream of. Dream it and watch it manifest with the help of Glenn's accountability, compassion, resilience, and rigor."


Erie, CO

"Coach Glenn was instrumental in helping us define several markets to build our company marketing plan. His years of experience in management and building relationships in the fitness industry were valued greatly!"


Madison, WI

"Glenn is a smart, dynamic leader who will be a hugely positive force in your team. He is a strong communicator who is detailed, accountable, responsible, and sharing, all traits that would be of immense benefit to you."



" Glenn has pushed me with personalized workouts and he has helped my patients with rehabilitation from injuries. Glenn also helps with life coaching including nutrition, motivation and referrals to his network of health professionals. Glenn is a sincere person who really does care about his student's needs."


Denver, CO

"I've tried over and over to break bad habits in my life alone, by sheer force of will, and now I know how important it is to have a tribe. TRIBAL LIFE provides a sense of community and accountability that you just can't recreate on your own. I think most men are nervous about being open and honest about their challenges and shortcomings with a group, but the process ends up being more liberating and fun than you can imagine. TRIBAL LIFE is supportive, and it is intense, more real than most men allow themselves to be. Glenn isn't afraid to be honest, or to push you past physical and mental limits you don't even know you've set for yourself. He's helped make huge changes for myself, and my family."


Broomfield, CO

"Glenn is an amazing mentor and coach. He makes the work personal so you can improve both your personal and professional life. Great guy! I'm looking forward to more time with him!


Boulder, CO

"Glenn and I have been on this journey together for a while now. He understands the necessity of community support for continued actualization of the individual. I highly recommend the TRIBAL LIFE program for anyone who's ready to take all areas of their life to the next level."


Boulder, CO

"Glenn is a talented and sensitive coach. I like his emphasis on building strength in community that can be leveraged to personal strength, both mental and physical."



"Incredible coach. Excellent program! I've come back to Glenn for assistance again and it's paid off. I also had him work with my son for baseball, which was perfect conditioning for him during the summer off-season."



"Thank you Glenn for your friendship, the intense training and helped instill a level of confidence and leadership that I could run with to live a very full and rewarding life after our time together!"

Dusan Schneider


"Working with Glenn and his TRIBAL LIFE program is the best choice you will ever make. He will without a doubt help you with your diet, exercise, emotional well-being, personal and professional life, and so much more! Thank you Glenn. You are awesome!!!"


Boulder, CO

I am a completely different person and for the better. I now have the confidence that I could get to where ever I want to be physically…its simply a matter of what I’m willing to put into it. I always knew it…but experiencing it makes it real. I’m in a very good place with my mind, body and spirit. Best part of all is that I inspired my sons together for several fitness bootcamps with Glenn and watching them transform from the inside out has been priceless.”

Mitchell Magdovitz

boulder, CO

"I have found that lasting behavior change is really difficult. Glenn's guidance isn't temporary: he inspires deep, lasting transformation. Thank you, Coach Glenn!"

Jamie Shmidt

Westminster, CO

"This is the first time in many years that I am building the tools of patience, confidence, and diligence to remove the emotional walls in the way of my success. Glenn's calming way, his wisdom and expertise and system, his focused yet compassionate persistence, is an important catalyst for my success. For a stay at home and homeschooling mom, this is the best ME time I've had in years...I'm better for it and my family is too! Thank you, Glenn, for helping me GET BACK to the best me!"

David Hughes

Boulder, CO

"Glenn's unique skill-set and intentions deliver a holistic approach to personal transformation - body, mind, spirit - which is impactful beyond measure. My experience of Glenn is that of a passionate, articulate, thoughtful, intentional, and idealistic human being. Glenn strives to be the best he can and is constantly looking to improve and optimize. As well, he is dedicated to achieving the best results for his clients!"

Shun-Luoi Fong


"Glenn has great vision and passion, and really takes the time to get to know you so he can understand how he can best help you overcome your challenges and meet your goals. I love his commitment to helping people grow both individually and in the context of their tribe."

Quayle Hodek


"Glenn is a proven leader and exceptional coach. I always enjoy my time with him, and leave feeling inspired, motivated, and committed."

Sean Bryant


"Authentic. Honest. Driven. Tribal Life / Glenn Hattem have pushed me beyond my boundaries. Even though at times uncomfortable (without friction there is no movement), it is without a doubt some of the best work I have done for myself and I am extremely proud of the leaps and bounds Tribal and Glenn have created for me."

Rob Dahlager


"Glenn is fantastic. Motivating and patient, he will help you achieve goals, small and large, and overcome obstacles that you may not know exist. Be prepared. Come prepared. Do the work. Enjoy the success."



“Glenn’s energy and enthusiasm for health and fitness are contagious. His programs are thoughtfully designed around your personal goals and objectives, whether you are just getting into fitness or are a fitness fanatic. I would definitely recommend Glenn to anyone who is looking to include fitness and health as part of their lifestyle.”-Andy Schlauch


Boulder, CO

“Working with survivors of domestic violence can be both inspiring and incredibly taxing. Prioritizing the health and wellness of our staff is vital to the work we do at SPAN. The System has been a great way to provide a structure and support for our staff to encourage each others efforts and focus on personal health and well-being. Our whole team has benefited tremendously! After only 4 weeks, I’ve successfully created a routine around fitness, nutrition and lifestyle and have gotten over the hump that was holding me back from focusing on taking care of myself. I feel much better overall, with big improvements, and my partner and I are sticking to the system, because we’re worth it!”-Ann Tapp


denver, CO

“Two big thumbs up for Glenn’s System! Thanks for all the support with our company's wellness programs. We're blown away with what you're doing for us. I want to thank you again, a hundred times over, for bringing the Glenn magic to our troops! What you did for me personally, a life-changing transformation. We laughed, I (almost) cried, I found my inner bad ass! Glenn’s System has motivated me to make changes in my exercise, nutrition and lifestyle that I’ve been talking about for years. His nutrition guidance was easy to follow and implement (no counting calories!), and the workouts were hard core, yet doable. Working with Glenn, I discovered strength I didn’t realize I had, and enjoyed many victories and successes along the way (including losing several lbs.). It’s so inspiring to get this kind of encouragement. It means a lot! Yes, the workouts have been tough! I’m so glad Glenn was there to push me through it. Now I know I can do so much more!”-Stina Johnson


boulder, CO

“This system changed my habits. I am stronger, my clothes are looser, and I feel great! I loved our bootcamp group, and Glenn’s enthusiasm!”-Marjie Hemstreet


TIburon, co

“Glenn will push you harder and pull you so much closer to your fitness goals than you could have ever done on your own.”-Mike Ayers


mill valley, co

“Thank you Glenn Hattem for taking the time to educate our students!! Your humor and relevant information enlightened, inspired and ignited the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which is beyond commendable. I’ve noticed a huge change in attitude in my classes since his visit. These young adults were pointed in the right direction with this level of education.”

Swat & Sheriffs

boulder, CO

“Glenn’s ability to improve his students’ lives is unmatched in the fitness field and made such a tremendous difference with my fellow officers. He has been instrumental in making me fit for duty and, in all seriousness, may one day have saved my life.”-Eric Witte


Boulder, CO

“Working with Glenn helped me get strong again. Having been a olympic level professional cyclist, I was used to working hard. Glenn challenged us in ways I had not experienced before. Having a full-time job and a young daughter, I’m not able to spend hours at the gym. By following Glenn’s system, I was able to condense workout times and get great results!”-Julie Hudetz


boulder, co

“Glenn’s Get It Back System 4-week intense workout and nutrition bootcamp program with 12 other women was an absolute blast! Glenn’s program isn’t a program like you’ve done before…it is fresh, new and fun to do…not to mention IT WORKS!!! Glenn motivates you to go beyond what you ever thought you could do…he is inspiring and fun to work out with along with a fun group of inspiring ladies.”-Julie Gallegos


Louisville, CO

“100% of participants believed that they benefited tremendously from their participation and would highly recommend participation in Glenn's system to co-workers. Almost everyone improved nutrition and/or reduced alcohol intake and acknowledged improved self-confidence and many expressed improved attitude in the workplace and improved co-worker relationships, along with their body transformations.”-Zoe Izard


Boulder, CO

“Glenn’s training and enthusiasm was as a constant motivating force for myself and our company. His easy and straightforward approach to fitness and exercise serves our body and minds well, allowing us to generate peak mental and physical energy for our artful sport. This is your ticket!”-Ken Jimenez


San Franciso, CA

“The hikes to the top of Mt. Tam; the bike rides around the Bay Area; the iron I pumped; and the healthy breakfasts made it an all-around extraordinary boot camp experience. I lost so much weight while having fun and challenging myself to do more than I was used to. The program Glenn ran for my executive team has been invaluable!”-Robert Shaw, Oracle Executive VP

Anthony Suarez


"Glenn is the real deal. His patient and pure approach to everything is inspiring. Let him help you reach balance through the Tribal Life. You won't  regret it!"


TIburon, CA

“Glenn’s comprehensive system exceeded all of our expectations and produced results we didn’t know we were capable of. It is the BEST physical fitness program we’ve ever done! If you’re looking for positive results, Glenn is your ticket to good health!”-Chief Ed Lynch


ross valley, ca

“It was clear from the first meeting that Glenn's program could greatly enhance the health of today's firefighter. i always felt I had an effective exercise discipline and regimen until I got a taste of what Glenn provides. I feel a firefighter can learn how to stay motivated and set reasonable and attainable goals. Glenn's a sharp man with a well-defined program that produces a well-defined body, individual and team. He comes well recommended and more than prepared to deliver in a league far above standards that shouldn't be acceptable for anyone.”-Fire Marshall Steve E. Fisher


san rafael, ca

"Because of the demands of my work, I was reluctant to make a commitment to an exercise program. But as a result of my training, my stamina, energy level, and ability to concentrate have increased considerably. I also encouraged my son to learn how to appropriately train with weights. The work they’ve done together will stand him in good stead for the future.”


boulder, CO

"My husband and I worked with Glenn to get back in shape and his dedication to my success was unparalleled by any other fitness trainer that I've worked with in the past. Glenn is determined, yet compassionate and holds you accountable to doing your best. We would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get fit and lose the excuses."


SAN rafael, CA

"One of the most memorable summits of my life!"-Barry Ansell


elizabeth, CO

"The strategy in Glenn's workouts tones your body all while getting a good amount of cardio. Glenn has given me the best workouts we've ever had. If you want results fast, want to change your lifestyle, and overall feel like a healthier person we would recommend training with Glenn!"


boulder, CO

“I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to working out. Once I started this program, I realized how wrong I was. The results were unlike anything I had experienced in 20 years. Now, I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since college and Glenn’s helped my wife and kids as well.”


sausalito, CO

“Glenn taught my son and I how to get vast results by properly using his workouts and nutrition system that suited our needs. His educating us on nutrition made sure that the hard work wouldn’t be a waste!”



“Miracles do happen! After a horrible car accident that severed my leg completely off and put me in a coma, doctors told me I would never walk again… This was until I met Glenn! 6 months later I lost over 50lbs and I’m running with a 20 lb. weighted vest up mountains. Thanks to Glenn I’m a completely new person and loving life again! The bonus has been Glenn’s teachings and conversations with my son have made such a positive impact on him as well as our relationship. Thank you for your heart. I hold you in my hall of fame of wonderful people. Bless you!”



“Glenn is a dedicated professional, very knowledgeable and personable. His expertise has made a huge positive impact in our work together as well as our professional and personal lives. Glenn has the experience and commitment to ensure you succeed.”


Cherry Creek, CO

“Working with Glenn has had such a HUGE positive impact on our fitness…and our lives. Thank you so much Glenn!

joseph deleon

denver, co

"Glenn is amazing. He's an incredibly kind and intelligent individual that truly cares about your well being. He knows fitness like the back of his hand, and was big part of helping me regain control of my life. Highly recommended!"

Mike & Denise V.

san rafael, CO

"We both got in great shape in a matter of just a few months. Thank you Glenn for your guidance and support."


CHERRy hills village, co

“From the moment Glenn came into our lives, we were changed forever. Working with Glenn and the “Get it Back” system was one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences we have had in a long time. We didn’t know we would learn to eat and cook more nutritionally and truly enjoy working out for the first time in our lives, set personal goals and actually achieve them. We will be forever indebted to him. My husband and I are rediscovering the joy of being active from our 20’s and 30’s in our 50’s now. Great guy, Great program; just do it…you’ll be glad you did.”


longmont, CO

“My wife and I tried everything, but nothing came even close to Glenn’s system. We have energy again, we’re not tired at the end of the day, and we now spend more quality time together. We are having fun working out and pushing each other to do better. I've felt some frustration and noticed there are millions of excuses like ‘I have no time.’ It’s not true; there’s always time. So far, I’ve dropped 15 pounds of pure fat, gone down a size in pants, my face has thinned down, and people are noticing a difference. I received the salesman of the month award because I have more confidence.
We both have dreams that we’re now going to make a reality!”


newport, ca

“I started out at 230 lbs and 29% body fat and have dropped down to 181 lbs with 17% body fat. But more important than the fat loss and 4 belt sizes (I’m down to my high school waist of 32), my blood pressure has dropped from stage two hypertension to normal! I’ve noticed huge changes in my strength and endurance. Workouts are now something I actually crave. Mountain biking is pure fun, and the climbs that used to push me to my limits are now easy! The nutritional changes are also fantastic. Not once did I feel hungry during the system, and I really enjoy my new way of cooking for myself. Replacing all the junk with healthy options was much easier than I thought it might be. The healthy habits I’m developing will stick with me for life! This is working better than I could've hoped for, including already reaching all of my summer goals! I’ve referred several friends, and my mom at 58 just finished and she looks and feels amazing, definitely a more fit, confident person, loving life! She's more focused and self-disciplined not just with her exercise and nutrition, but in all areas of her life she’s at her best!"



“Thank you Glenn for everything you have done for our family!”


boulder, CO

"I signed up myself, my son and daughter to work with Glenn to improve our fitness and do something fun together. Everyone is now in great shape and continue to have a positive attitude and enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle. My son got into West Point, which Glenn was a great influence on his life at a critical time.”


Cherry creek, CO

“Our experience working with Glenn has been both challenging and rewarding. We see the results both physically and mentally. He’s made a very positive difference in our lives, including changing my daughter’s direction in life as well. We think he’s the BEST trainer and life coach combo!”


Gunbarrel, CO

“As a teacher and athletic coach for many decades... Glenn’s attention to detail and passion for helping others is incredible! He’s helped both myself and my son become more disciplined and passionate about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle, and even develop better attitudes. I never thought in my wildest imagination my son would get out the door before 6:30 a.m. to go to the gym.”


Boulder, CO

“Working with Glenn taught us to push our bodies to new limits, and the benefits of staying positive in the face of adversity. Sure, after the workouts our muscles were sore, but we never for a second doubted that it was worth it. During that time we probably were in the best shape of our lives so far, and it’s knowing that, after that experience, we have the tools to return our bodies to that shape, that keeps us going to the gym day after day.”


Broomfield, CO

“Glenn helped me change my mindset of excuses to a mindset of “can do” in just a few weeks of working with him. Not only has it brought me personal results, which are now showing in my new dress size, but bringing results to my sons. My 9 year old works out with me and my 13 year old, who struggles with being overweight, got inspired to join Jiu Jitsu.”


Longmont, CO

“It is rare to work with someone who’s as multi-talented, has such an extraordinary work ethic and positive nature. Work with Glenn and he will contribute profoundly to your success. He helped me return from a back injury and sedentary lifestyle to being in great shape for my age. He also re-inspired both of my kids with their fitness too…and their grandparents in their 90’s. Without a doubt, he’s the real deal…and a good friend!”


Cherry Creek, CO

“Working with Glenn keeps us challenged and reaching beyond my own “boundaries.” Glenn provides the right amount of motivation and support, while driving us out of our comfort zones. We would highly recommend Glenn and his system and his heart-pounding workouts. Thank you for the support and help transforming the both of us! Glenn is also a remarkable friend.”


novato, ca

“With a family and a very busy schedule, I needed some outside help. I’ve had many compliments on how fit I look. I have never, ever experienced results like this so fast! My pants are hanging off my waist and I can now see the abs from when I was a kid. I also noticed a big increase in my endurance and my wife’s passion for her bootcamps. Glenn's been a family friend for over 25 years and truly showed up for us, and has helped us ‘GET IT BACK!”



“When we moved to Denver from Australia last fall, we were travel-worn. Three years of consistent travel had taken its toll on our fitness and well-being. Since meeting Glenn, we are motivated to better ourselves both physically and mentally. We actually look forward to challenging ourselves, with Glenn’s guidance!”


Park City, UT

“Thanks to Glenn I am always an IronWoman. Glenn has an extraordinary ability in which he truly sees your full-potential lying dormant within and fearlessly taps into it through challenging workouts. If you have an objective when it comes to your health, fitness and general well-being, Glenn provides the guidance to help you become something other than ordinary. I’d highly recommend Glenn and his system. I even signed my fiancé up to help us get in shape for our trip to Europe. 1000 jumps with the rope, NO MISSES. Thank you for the tears!”


tiburon, ca

“In just the first month, my wife and I noticed a DRAMATIC change in our appearances. We both slimmed down a bunch, put on some seriously strong muscles and our aerobic capacities improved significantly over a very short period of time. Thanks for the pain AND THE GAIN!”


San Marin, CA

"The best father and son system- the results are phenomenal! Because of Glenn’s excellent motivational abilities and his great advice on how to workout and eat right, not only my body, but also my energy and my outlook on life, have changed dramatically. I think my son will always be a fitness enthusiast due to Glenn’s system.”


cherry creek, CO

“Working with Glenn these past two months has been a terrific challenge — though it’s been 15 years and 3 kids since my college athletic career, I’m motivated in the same way I was by my coaches then! Though daily exercise has always been a part of my life, my intensity is up a notch and I’m starting to break out of the plateau I’d reached a year ago. I really look forward to being held accountable and being challenged at each session. Plus my husband has been working with Glenn as well and I have to say his arms have transformed overnight!”


Boulder, CO

“If you ever wanted to work with a personal trainer or coach, look no further, Glenn will take your program to a far more individualized level than you could have ever imagined. He will deliver exactly what you want, with a great big smile on his face. He is very skilled and enthusiastic about the fitness lifestyle, and it definitely gets absorbed by all of his students, as my husband and I both found out.”


broomfield, CO

“A true professional! We were ready to take our workout routines to the next level. With his guidance we have experienced a transformation not only in our bodies, but also our attitudes towards nutrition and exercise. Glenn gives you the tools and support you need to ensure a healthy life balance for today and the years ahead…”


san rafael, CA

“Glenn is passionate about what he does and continuously holds you to a very high level of performance. His program has been instrumental in my weight loss, fitness and nutrition goals. Sharing the adventure with my workout partner, I now have a great friend... “The workouts are a great foundation to help anyone go to the next level. I've achieved more than I could've imagined, and I have confidently recommended this program and his team to many of my friends and professional associates. Why? Because it will get you there and you’ll have an absolute blast every step of the way!”

Leeann Ryder

Boulder, CO

“Glenn, thank YOU for giving me the skills and confidence I needed to be able to walk into a gym and not feel completely intimidated. I'm much more in control of my life now than I was 8 weeks ago, back when I had no idea where to start. You helped me just the way you said you would. This system truly worked for me!”

the levy family

boulder, CO

“When I first started working with Glenn, I was extremely frustrated about my fitness level and weight. Over the past 5 years, I had gained 35 pounds, and nothing I did could turn around that trend. Every time I tried eating better and working out more, I gained another 5 pounds! Glenn helped me take control of my eating habits and my fitness level. Over the past year, I have lost 20 pounds and decreased my body fat by over 7 percent. I look and feel so much better! I now do things that I never did before, like running! I love playing tennis, and my increased fitness has really paid off. All of my teammates have commented on how much my playing has improved. My husband and son got on board as well and have achieved amazing results, too!”


pataluma, ca

"I love the system and living it day-to-day. As a principal, part-time student, husband, and father, my schedule is very busy. I wanted to lose the spare tire and bust out of the grind that was making it bigger. Thank God for Glenn because the GET IT BACK System works. Here’s why: 1) The important emphasis on proper diet and nutrition is outstanding. It’s really simple to follow the eating guidelines and awesome recipes outlined in the workbook; 2) The workouts are totally appropriate with your goals. I leave the gym feeling great and the feeling lasts until the next workout; 3) GET IT BACK is addicting! The lifestyle change is real. I have had a lot of positive changes happen in my life that come from more energy, better moods, and feeling fit in addition to losing 25lbs. Your motivation to Get It Back doesn’t end with just getting in shape; I’m getting organized and more motivated in my professional and personal life too! Because of my success, my wife, a former athlete, started and LOVES the cardio workouts and has been working out 5-6 days per week, the most consistent, in a long time! She's running, swimming, and mountain biking. AND our kids absolutely love your "Wild Things energy bars!”


boulder, co

“I was feeling very discouraged after an exhausting ski season when I was not performing to my former skill or energy levels. Working with Glenn absolutely exceeded our expectations. My daughter is now training for an Olympic length triathlon. My mom was working with Glenn and getting incredible results. So several summers ago, when I decided to compete in my first triathlon, I signed up with him. Glenn was supportive and pushed me further than I could have gone on my own. I was so well-prepared for the race after my time with Glenn that I thought some of the sessions with him had been harder than the triathlon! Currently I am training for an Olympic length triathlon in D.C.”



"Glenn has made it his passion and conviction to helping people and empowering them to achieve their ultimate goals in their lifes; Mind, body, relationships and career."