Work life balance is highly sought after, however tips do not make it happen...

You hear it all the time - "work life balance." We all work hard - busting our butts for ourselves, our loved ones, our employers. Companies compete around this being a part of every employer pitch on why you want to work there. There is no end of advice and tips around what to do to achieve it. Unplug. Exercise. Meditate. These are all good tips, and if you read them and think about them, somehow - it just never happens.

Exercise makes you happier than money. Exercise and the socializing with team sports is more important to your mental health than your economic status-according to Yale and Oxford research

Ever found yourself wanting to do things to have more balance, but never got to them?  You never prioritized them and It kept on as this elusive thing that you would get to someday and benefit from, but you just weren't getting there?

Just like you schedule work or doctor's appointments out in your calendar, you need to do the same with your workout times, relationship dates and even morning meditations. Sounds obvious right? Just book it.

Get your hobbies, your meditations, your non-work todo's onto your calendar like everything else!

It is obvious this works, but you really won't take ownership of this truth until you recognize events on your calendar show up, and you find yourself following through with our commitments when conflicts come up for use of those reserved time slots. You start protecting those things that you said were important to you and your self-care, "ME TIME." Investing in "me time" is important. Ensuring "me time" happens means that you'll be more balanced and refreshed and better able to address the other areas in your life outside of the ones you naturally gravitate towards, whether it's mindfulness, fitness, relationships or business.

The idea here is that you need to focus your energy on raising the level of priority on "me time" overall in the grand scheme of things if you actually want to power yourself up to achieving more "me time." Of course you will still relent to some conflicts when they are truly more important.  But instead of killing all your "me time," every time, now you can keep your word 80 or 90% of the time.

So, to achieve work life balance, figure out the things you need across the complexities of life - Mindfulness, Fitness, Relationships, and Business. Get them ON YOUR CALENDAR across the board, and stick to them. The simple act of scheduling your non-Business time will help ensure you find balance and achieve more across all these areas.

Book it - and Get Out There!