We all know that movement is good for us. Being physically active creates all sorts of reactions in our body that improve our physical and mental health. One of the body responses that is affected by movement is how we deal with stress.

Movement can provide you with stress relief. Even a short walk break during the day can help you experience less stress. However, the benefits of stress relief become more pronounced with a consistent exercise habit. Here is how to get stress relief through movement:

Movement Promotes Mindfulness

When you first start a workout, it can feel impossible just to let your day go. You start running, lifting, etc. and you immediately begin to replay everything that’s happened that day. Then the things you still have yet to do pop into your brain and compete for your attention. But if you keep moving, at some point you should experience a shift. That running to-do list begins to fade into the background, and your focus becomes your breathing and your movements. This is mindfulness. The more mindful and in the moment you are, the less stress you will experience.

Movement Enhances Mood

When you exercise, your brain releases feel-good chemicals into your body. This feel-good feeling after a workout gives you some short-term stress relief. In the long-term, exercise can decrease the number of stress hormones present in your body. This reaction takes longer to develop and is more prominent given a consistent exercise routine.

Movement Improves Sleep

Sleep, stress levels, and exercise are all connected. Regular exercise can improve the quality of your sleep. And when you’re getting good quality sleep, the stress response in your body is reduced. More movement means better sleep and less stress.

If you’re wondering what type of movement would give you the most stress relief, the most important thing is that you’re choosing activities that you enjoy. Are you ready to transform your life through movement training?