When you're going through difficult times it's essential that you get altitude and develop a healthy, mature perspective in spite of the reality that you're facing. It does not have to define you. There's truly purpose to your pain!

Events that happen in our lives become traumatic when we can't live in the present moment because we keep reliving that painful moment in our heads long after it's passed and new experiences are occurring and asking for our presence and focus, to get out of our heads and be here now. And when we keep reliving them in our minds so many times, over and over and over, they start to define us, own our reality.

There's an alternative. Flip the switch in your mind to DECIDE (meaning all other options and choices are not possible, including the previous story you've known oh so well). Create a new empowering story that serves you and every one involved at the highest level.

Start by asking yourself 3 Life-Changing Questions:

1) What is my life's purpose?

2) What am I meant to be doing in my life so I can be of the greatest service to myself and others, for the greatest possible positive impact?

3) Who exactly could benefit the most from my voice and showing up fully present?

Your life will begin to change when you discover the truth that we we are all called to serve others at our highest level. When we are not doing this, we lack, we suffer. It's not about what you are doing for a living. It's how you show up in that framework and serve others, not just yourself.

Had I not endured such adversity in my life that I was forced to face, I would not be able to connect with the people I'm helping at the level they need to be met at, and have the level of trust that's needed.

There truly is PURPOSE in PAIN, and in your PURPOSE is the POWER to TRANSFORM your entire life and the lives of the world around you. We can help you flesh out and define your empowering purpose. Reach out if you want some real help with this. You got one life to live, so live it to the fullest!