Is what I'm about to say true, necessary, and kind? Filter how you decide to show up in the world and have others experience you. This also goes for how you say things. Your tone and body language conveys even more than the actual words, 90% more! But how do you slow down enough in this crazy, busy world to hear your thoughts and choose wisely?

Meditation can be part of the answer, an excellent way to practice and harness this skill, to create a buffer between your immediate lizard brain fight or flight reactions, and finding some time to choose your best response. Exercise is also a proven way to sharpen and hone your mental focus and capacity. And when you practice both Meditation and Exercise, DAILY, you're setting yourself up to both detoxify negative thoughts and level yourself up to access your highest potential, your higher-truth.

If you think you do not believe that you have any time or money to invest in Meditation and Exercise daily, you will sooner than later have to make time and invest everything for treating an unnecessary dis-ease, and it's discomforting symptoms!

Meditation and Exercise combined are excellent ways to dissolve the ego in order to unlock one’s full potential. They awaken the life force that flows through our bodies. Meditation increases the electromagnetic energy generated by the human body, and improves its function. As everything is made up of electromagnetic energy, meditation releases positive vibes. The biggest and most dramatic change start inside of each of us.

Any effort to think positively and wish good to everyone is a huge step towards a better world. There is one universal rule, and if we all come together, and work to co-create our reality together, we can absolutely improve the world we're living in. From an often disruptive and divided world we live in, we can actually turn it into a peaceful place where we can all live in love and peace. ALL of us are limitless, and if we use our power to stand up, find and shine our light, we can replace negativity with sharing a lot more helpful positivity!